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TOEFL Preparation Course                                                           Course Code: MCTOF18

Course Description

The TOEFL preparation course is designed for anyone requiring a TOEFL score. We will teach you the skills required for the test including sub test training in reading, writing, listening & speaking.

MCIOA Accreditation:

The CPD Group accredited the Matt Christie Institute of Australia in November 2017 for its learning activities, events and e-learning courses across various sectors including Health & Social Care, plus many many more.

Course Content:

Subject code: MCTW18 TOEFL Writing 

-Writing Skills

-Understand the concept behind writing

-Hand writing skills

-Planning to write

-Organising the task

-Understand the assessment criteria 

Subject code: MCTS18 TOEFL Speaking   

-Different question types

-Talking freely about different topics

-Talking naturally

-Understand the assessment criteria 

Subject code: MCTL18 TOEFL Listening   

-Listening to passages and dialogues

-Listening for detail

-Hand writing speed

-Writing in note form

-Scanning headings and questions

-Using headings to guide you

-Looking ahead

-Answering different question types

-Planning for listening 

Subject code: MCTR18 TOEFL Reading

-Practice reading skills with reference materials

-Speed reading & comprehension for all components of the TOEFL exam

-Reading for specific purposes

Answering and understanding different question types for the TOEFL exam

-Understanding the text & being able to answers specific questions relating to the text 

Subject code: MCTG18 TOEFL General Skills   

-Vocabulary Skills

-English grammar in oral and written communication

-Target language


-Communication skills   

Our Fees:

1 Month: $600

2 Month: $1200

3 Month: $1800

4 Month: $2400

Tuition Inclusions: Lectures and accredited certificate of completion

Admissions, service and materials fee: $200 Student workbooks, handouts, Wi-Fi and use of library

MCIOA provides complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits for all students

Duration: 1 to 4 months 

Course Delivery Modes:

Students will participate in lectures, tutorials, one on one assessment and mock exams each week

Entry Requirements:

MCIOA diagnostic test or previous English language test results or English language course certificate from an accredited school (ELICOS).

Admissions Dates:

This course starts every Monday and Saturday at our Victorian Campus or NSW Campus