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Professional Development Workshops

Customer Service Etiquette

Customer service is a growing need across the world, consumers are expecting more.

This 8-hour course will have you well on the way to providing out of this world customer service. This course is suitable for anyone working in a customer service orientated environment.


  • Non- verbal Communication
  • Four styles of behaviour
  • Developing rapport with the customer
  • Listening, questioning and complaints
  • Improving service
  • Communicating with customers
  • Communicating on the telephone

Cost: $199.00

Ignite your staff

Lighting the flame within your staff could well be the jump start you need to have a happy harmoniums working environment.

This 8- hour course will have your staff walking to same beat.


  • Job satisfaction of employees
  • Careers- support growth
  • Are you building a future for them or are you in their way?
  • Show respect
  • Goals- expand options- the five careers paths
  • Rewards- providing recognition
  • Which matters more praise or money?
  • Wellness- are they sick and tired

Cost: $199.00

Key to successful Management

Managers across the world are being criticised on their management style by their employees. Learn the skills to connect and understand your staff better.

This 8- hour course will help you earn respect from your employees to help create a happy work environment.


  • Providing feedback
  • Space- are your people on a short leash
  • Information sharing
  • Influencing groups
  • Time management
  • Create connections- If you build them they will stay
  • Mentor- Are they learning from you
  • Passion- encourage it- help them find the work they love without them leaving

Cost: $199.00

Boost up- Self- Esteem Essentials- Build and Grow from within

Do you lack self-confidence? Do you feel like you are being bought down by the people that surround you?

This 8- hour course will boost your self-esteem and give you the skills to manage your self-esteem.


  • How to believe in yourself and others
  • What is self- esteem
  • Risk management
  • Create a positive belief system
  • Overcome fear
  • Goal Planning
  • How to make what you want to happen come true
  • Identify career strengths
  • How to market yourself in a positive light
  • Your career/ job and personal values
  • personality strengths
  • How to plan for success
  • Never give up
  • Personality types and styles
  • Body language and time management
  • Self-acceptance equals success
  • Improving your confidence
  • Speaking your mind

Cost: $199.00

Fabulous Presentations

Learning the skills of successful presentations has never been easier, our 8- hour course will have you well on the way to giving out of this world presentations whatever the occasion.


  • Preparing
  • Delivering
  • Handling questions from the audience
  • Computer based presentations
  • Types of presentations
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • Emails
  • Proposals
  • Editing/ proof reading
  • Tone and style to be used

Cost: $199.00

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MCIOA Accreditation:

The CPD Group accredited the Matt Christie Institute of Australia in November 2017 for its learning activities, events and e-learning courses across various sectors including Health & Social Care, plus many many more.