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OET Writing Course

Course Description

The OET writing course is for those students that struggle with professional letter writing for the OET test and have not achieved the desired result. Our OET writing course is available for the following 11 health & allied health professions that have previously taken the OET Test: OET dentistry, OET dietetics, OET medicine, OET nursing, OET occupational therapy, OET optometry, OET pharmacy, OET physiotherapy, OET podiatry, OET radiography & OET veterinary science.

Who is the OET Course suitable for?

This course is only open to those that have taken the Occupational English Test previously and were unable to achieve the desired result in the writing sub-test.

What will I learn in the OET Course?

Health Professional OET Writing

Subject Code: MHPWC18

  • OET Writing skills
  • Letter writing including formal & informal letters, patient referral letters, hospital admissions letters, reminder letters to patients, patient discharge letters and more
  • Handwriting skills
  • Linking information
  • Using paragraphs
  • OET Writing longer sentences
  • Planning to write
  • Organising the task
  • Understand the writing assessment criteria

Course Duration: 6 Hours

Our Fees: A$220

Tuition Inclusions: 1 Lecture, student workbooks, handouts, 10 writing tasks and 5 OET mock writing exams.

Course Start Dates: Anytime

Training Location: Students will participate in lectures, tutorials, one on one assessment and mock writing sub-tests. Available in a classroom setting or via Zoom.

Entry Requirements: All students must complete the MCIOA diagnostic test.


Will I get homework?

All students are given homework and are required to complete it. Students cannot rely solely on classes at the institute to be a success in the OET exam. All students must make an individual effort outside of classes.

Do you have installment fees? No, we don’t offer installment fees and all fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the course.

Is social distancing on campus? All students and staff must follow the social distancing measures at all times. We have limited the number of students in each class and arranged all student areas appropriately.

Do you guarantee a 100% pass rate? We offer no pass rate percentages. We are not of a higher power and foretell any test outcomes.


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