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Michael L Trinidad

Founding Principal 

  • Michael is an exceptional educator and guest speaker and is in high demand by the students. He obtained an overall 8.5 score in Academic IELTS in 2016. Originally from the Philippines, Michael migrated to Australia in 1995. He has years of experience teaching students from a variety of cultures in Australia and abroad. Michael has been employed as a Teacher and Head of Department for English Studies by some of the leading schools both in the Philippines and in Australia.
  • He brings the passion of learning to The Matt Christie Institute of Australia by creating an environment for students that are fun, interactive, and educational.
  • Michael has post graduate studies in English as a second language. Michael started his career working at Operation Brotherhood Montessori Center, the pioneer of Montessori education in the Philippines, teaching Philippine History, World History and English.
  • Michael completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Technology at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, NSW in 2020. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and his research involves the identification of parasites that infect water birds of the Murray-Darling Basin. He is a Veterinary Nurse at the Small Animal Referral Hospital of Charles Sturt University and is a seasonal academic, demonstrating and assisting in different subjects within Veterinary Technology and Veterinary Sciences of the School of Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences (SAEVS). 

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