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IELTS Preparation Mill Park 

Course Description

IELTS Preparation Course Bundoora is designed for anyone requiring an IELTS score whether it is General IELTS or Academic IELTS. We will teach you the skills required for the test in IELTS reading, IELTS writing, IELTS listening & IELTS speaking.

What will I learn in the IELTS Preparation Course?

Subject code: MCIW18

IELTS Writing

  • IELTS Writing Skills
  • Understand the concept behind Part A and Part B writing
  • Handwriting skills
  • Planning to write
  • Organising the task
  • Understand the assessment criteria

Subject code: MCIS18

IELTS Speaking

  • Different question types
  • Talking freely about different topics
  • Talking naturally
  • Understand the assessment criteria

Subject code: MCIL18

IELTS Listening

  • IELTS Listening to passages and dialogues
  • IELTS Listening for detail
  • Handwriting speed
  • Writing in note form
  • Scanning headings and questions
  • Using headings to guide you
  • Looking ahead
  • Answering different question types
  • Planning for listening

Subject code: MCIR18

IELTS Reading

  • Practice reading skills with reference materials
  • Speed reading & comprehension for all components of the IELTS exam
  • IELTS Reading for specific purposes
  • Answering and understanding different question types for the IELTS exam
  • Understanding the text & being able to answers specific questions relating to the text

Subject code: MCIG18

IELTS General Skills

  • Vocabulary Skills
  • English grammar in oral and written communication
  • Target language
  • Pronunciation
  • Communication skills

Course Duration: 8 Weeks or 4 weeks  

Course Fee: 4 weeks A$1250 & 8 Weeks A$2500

Course Start Dates: Every Monday

Training Location: 2 Springfield Court Mill Park Victoria 3082 

Entry Requirements: All students must complete the MCIOA diagnostic test.


Will I get homework? All students are given homework and are required to complete it. Students cannot rely solely on classes at the institute to be a success in the IELTS exam. All students must make an individual effort outside of classes.

Do you have installment fees? No, we don’t offer installment fees and all fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the course.

Is social distancing on-campus/Training Location? All students and staff must follow the social distancing measures at all times. We have limited the number of students in each class and arranged all student areas appropriately.

Do you guarantee a 100% pass rate? We offer no pass rate percentages. We are not of a higher power and foretell any test outcomes.


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03) 9404 4193