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EveryDay Work English

Course Description

EveryDay Work English is delivered at workplaces for multicultural employees and is tailored to meet the needs of not only the individual but also the workplace. Contact the institute today for a tailored program/approach for your multicultural workforce. 

Course Content:

• Reading, writing, listening and speaking for business purposes

• Cross-cultural awareness

• Awareness of colloquial and idiomatic English

• Personal development

• Corporate image

• Supply chain

• Managing conflict

• Strategic marketing

• Risk management

• Investment

• Free trade

• Grammar and vocabulary development

• Writing in plain English

• Everyday business English

• Australians at work

• Australian communication

• Australian business etiquette

• Writing for success

• Lists of useful language and explanations of all language points

• Speaking using tone, diction, fluency, accuracy and volume

• Pronunciation and appropriate language for when dealing with people in all contexts

• Functional language

*Suitable for your multicultural workforce/workplace*

Course Duration: 5-10 weeks

Our Fees: 4-6 Participants $90 per hour min 2.5 hours or 7-12 participants $180 per hour min 2.5 hours 

+ Admissions, service and materials fee: A$50 per participant 

Tuition Inclusions: Lectures, student workbooks, handouts, mock exams.

Course Start Dates: Monthly 

Training Location: Your workplace 

Entry Requirements: All students must complete the MCIOA diagnostic test.

More INFO?

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03) 9404 4193