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English for Refugees

Course Description

English for Refugees is our new course of 2022 and is suitable for all refugees that gives you the head start to get you on the road to success in an English-speaking country. 

Course Content:

• Living in Australia

• How Australians Eat

• Australian Culture

• Using Government Services

• Introduction to opening a bank account

• Living in Australia

• World issues

• Workplace communication

• Writing simple documents

• Workplace Vocabulary

• Spoken Texts

*Suitable for newly arrived refugees*

Course Duration: 10 Weeks A$250 (1 day per week)

Our Fees: Admissions, service and materials fee: A$50

Tuition Inclusions: Lectures, student workbooks, handouts, mock exams.

Course Start Dates: Monthly

Training Location: 2 Springfield Court Mill Park Victoria 3082

Entry Requirements: All students must complete the MCIOA diagnostic test.


Will I get homework?

All students are given homework and are required to complete it. Students cannot rely solely on classes at the institute to be a success. All students must make an individual effort outside of classes.

Do you have installment fees? No, we don’t offer installment fees and all fees must be paid prior to the commencement of the course.

Is social distancing on campus? All students and staff must follow the social distancing measures at all times. We have limited the number of students in each class and arranged all student areas appropriately.


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03) 9404 4193