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MCIOA Diploma of English for Health Professionals                                                                                                                                              Course Code: MCDIP12




The diploma is catered to the healthcare sector covering all aspects of reading, writing, listening & speaking in English. Throughout the duration of the diploma you will learn the following: Australian health, reading skills for the Australian healthcare sector, health grammar, health vocabulary, Australian spelling, communication skills, listening skills, writing skills, exam techniques & resume & interview skills.

For whom is the Diploma suitable?

  • Health professionals seeking registration in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore
  • Health professionals needing to develop English skills
  • Those that are seeking entry to an Australian university for further study
  • Those that are preparing for the Occupational English Test (OET)
  • Health professionals seeking career progression
  • Those who work in an English speaking environment & need to further develop their skills


The Diploma is taught by experienced English Teachers from Australia.


12 Months full time

Course Delivery Modes:

Students will participate in lectures, tutorials& self-paced assessments

Assessment Methods:

Presenting Tasks

Forming Tasks

Responding Tasks

  • Oral assessments
  • Presentations
  • Debates
  • Discussions
  • Written assessments
  • Letters
  • Book reviews
  • Journal reviews
  • Answering questions
  • Short answer responses
  • Multiple choice
  • True & False
  • Listening responding to questions using CDs, DVDs & Podcasts

Entry Requirements:

Minimum of 5.5 in General IELTS or MCIOA placement exam with a passing grade of 65% or the Certificate of English for Health Professionals.


A$8000 + A$200 Administration Fee & includes OET examination(A$587)

Time Table:

Monday- Thursday


Each Semester consists of 10 weeks.

Students study for 10 weeks with a two (2) week break in between.


Subject Code: AA/AH01    Subject Name: Australian Health

Learn about the Australian healthcare sector & how it is continuously evolving. We will explore different healthcare settings & how they operate, government departments in health, common health issues in Australia & outline the deadliest killers in Australia.

Subject Code: AA/RS02    Subject Name: Reading Skills for the Australian Healthcare Sector

Examine a range of medical reading materials from journals, magazines, newspapers, internet & other forms of media. Students will learn how to approach each article, effective reading skills, reading for specific information, understanding what you read & speed reading skills for all purposes.

Subject Code: AA/HG03    Subject Name: Health Grammar

Tackle the confusing grammar rules of medical English through speaking & writing in a range of situations. Students will be exposed to grammar drills, grammar activities related to different areas of health, understanding grammar in Australian English & the importance of outstanding grammar.

Subject Code: AA/HV04    Subject Name: Health Vocabulary

Increased vocabulary in medical English will take you far. Students will be engaged in a range of activities to increase professional medical vocabulary, using Australian vocabulary, making sure you can be understood both written & verbally & look at different vocabulary banks that can be used.

Subject Code: AA/AS05    Subject Name: Spelling for the Australian Healthcare Sector

The fundamental skills of how we spell words in Australia are different from American & British English. You have to understand the differences & why there is a difference in Australia. You’ll be equipped with all of the spelling rules for Australia, examine the difference between Australian, British & American dictionaries & how the word sounds with Australian spelling when we speak.

Subject Code: AA/CS06    Subject Name: Communication Skills for the Healthcare Sector

Sounding professional & being professional are two different things. Be guided through the journey of learning effective communication skills for the Australian healthcare sector, being understood, being able to speak in layman’s terms, how to sound professional but not pretentious, tone, rhythm, pitch, diction, volume, fluency & accuracy.

Subject Code: AA/LS07    Subject Name: Australian Healthcare Sector Listening Skills

Being an effective listener enables you to understand the context in which something is being said too you, which then determines your response whether it be a written or a verbal response. Be taught the skills of how to be an effective listener, how to respond, listening for specific information, listening compassionately & listening for hints & clues.

Subject Code: AA/WS08    Subject Name: Writing Styles for the Australian Healthcare Sector

Writing something of a professional nature is a skill that will take you far in your career as a health professional in Australia. Be educated on the nature of the type of correspondence, the tone of the writing, the audience, professional language, layout & design, keeping it short, concise & to the point without missing out key information for the reader.

Subject Code: AA/ET09    Subject Name: Exam Techniques

Every English exam requires different skills & having an understanding of the exam entirely will affect your overall performance. Be guided through the testing areas of English proficiency exams; focusing on reading, writing, listening & speaking.

Subject Code: AA/RI10    Subject Name: Resume & Interview Techniques

Resume & interview techniques are different wherever you go in the world. We will prepare you for the Australian standards of resume & interview skills. These skills are developed over time & we will give you the skills & guidance to be on the road to a bright future.

“All subjects at MCIOA are based around fundamental English language modes of reading, writing, listening & speaking for the healthcare sector. Students will study a variety of units structured around social contexts. Spelling & grammar are an important part of our literacy development program. Students are also encouraged to develop life-long learning skills.”

Contact us:

Australia: +61 3 8376 6906 / New Zealand: +64 9887 0226 / The Philippines: +63 2 224 4305

UK: +4433 0808 4309 / Singapore: +65 3163 1063 / United Arab Emirates: 8000 320 342

Head Office: Ground Floor, 234 Albert Road, South Melbourne, 3205, Victoria, Australia

Manila Office: Fort Legend Level 10-1 Fort Legend Tower, 3rd Avenue and 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1632, The Philippines


Intake / Admissions:

January, July and December