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OET Diagnostic Test



The Placement Test is required for potential students and students enrolling in all OET Preparation Courses provided by The Matt Christie Institute of Australia (MCIOA).

-You are responsible for being prepared for the test.

-Do not take the test if you are not feeling well.

-If you wear reading glasses, have them with you.

-According to MCIOA policy, re-tests are not usually allowed.

- It is important that a ‘True Result’ is obtained to enable us to gauge your current level of English language proficiency; although there may be a temptation to use spell checkers, the Internet, calculators, etc it is in your best interest to avoid these – remember the end result is not a ‘Final Grade’ but an assessment of English language proficiency.


This test is a requirement to enable MCIOA to offer you the most suitable course for your requirements.



This is a timed test & all sections must be completed within the set time limit of two (2) hours.


The Placement Test is composed of 4 Sections:

  1. Writing
  2. Grammar, Spelling & Literacy
  3. Coherent Thinking & Reading Comprehension
  4. Mathematics & Numeracy

Download the test

To assess your Speaking & Listening skills, you will engage in a discussion with a MCIOA teacher.

Email the completed test to: