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MCIOA IELTS Preparation Course- Melbourne, Australia only

The IELTS Preparation course is designed for anyone requiring an IELTS score whether it is general or academic. We will teach you the skills required for the test such in reading, writing, listening & speaking.

IELTS Program Content:

IELTS Writing

-Writing Skills

-Understand the concept behind Part A and Part B writing

-Hand writing skills

-Planning to write

-Organising the task

-Understand the assessment criteria

IELTS Speaking

-Different question types

-Talking freely about different topics

-Talking naturally

-Understand the assessment criteria

IELTS Listening

-Listening to passages and dialogues

-Listening for detail

-Hand writing speed

-Writing in note form

-Scanning headings and questions

-Using headings to guide you

-Looking ahead

-Answering different question types

-Planning for listening

IELTS Reading

-Practice reading skills with reference materials

-Speed reading & comprehension for all components of the IELTS exam

-Reading for specific purposes

Answering and understanding different question types for the IELTS exam

-Understanding the text & being able to answers specific questions relating to the text

IELTS General Skills

-Vocabulary Skills

-English grammar in oral and written communication

-Target language


-Communication skills

Why choose the IELTS Preparation Course at MCIOA?

  • We offer a comprehensive program covering all components of the IELTS test
  • Australian educators
  • The educators have years of experience in teaching IELTS Preparation Courses around the world
  • We will save you time & money
  • We have IELTS Course Packages to meet everyone’s needs
  • MCIOA is passionate about education & will provide an educational experience
  • We offer week day classes & evening classes

Course Delivery Modes:

Students will participate in lectures, tutorials& assessments

Packages & Inclusions:

Classes start every Monday in Melbourne

Course Prices 

Course Time table